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    AMESHI Character profile : Ame Inoue Empty AMESHI Character profile : Ame Inoue

    Post by AMESHI on Mon Jun 06, 2011 6:37 am

    Commision Artwork [non team member]

    Name Ame Inoue
    Age Appearance of 18 but her age is never given.
    Gender Female. Confused to be male sometimes.
    Orientation Never really thought about it. Gender isn't an issue.

    Personality For the most part reserved, practical and silent. She prefers to keep to herself but is also not afraid to voice her opinions when it is necessary. She also has quite a short temper and is easily irritated. When necessary, she will take great control over things and speaks with authority.

    Habits She has a bad habit of biting her nails or chewing on straws [She has no idea why, herself].

    Baseball Was captain of the school softball team but she prefers when it follows the original rules.
    Basketball Has great aim and was well known in her sports team for her skill
    Sweet foods Especially donuts.
    Wine She has a good tolerance to alcohol but tends to drown her sorrows whenever something greatly upsets her.
    Stuffed animals Her most girlish feature but she keeps this hidden from everyone else. Go into her room and you will see a collection of stuffed animals, especially rabbits which she collects.

    Shopping It takes far too much time and she can never find anything she particularly likes.
    Makeup Never saw the point in it.
    When things are not organized She is very picky about how things are done and likes things to be done in a clean and organized manner.
    Smoking Due to her grandfather's death because of smoking, she holds a great hatred for the habit.

    Yuukai Ame and Yuukai have a very close friendship and it is hinted that they have a long history together but it is never revealed as to what their history is. It is hinted that they both may have feelings for eachother but it is never fully established. Yuukai has a tendency to hold her hand at times and blush whenever he speaks to her but Ame is less embarassed and tends to be rather clueless about the suspicions surrounding them giving her an innocent outlook on his blushing. The two are neighbours and tend to visit eachother alot.
    Terri Ame is the adoptive guardian of Terri. After running away from the orphanage he lived in, Ame found him wandering the streets and took him back to her flat. When the staff of the orphanage came to take him back, she offered to adopt him and be is guardian. Ever since, Terri has continued to live with Ame and they have formed a very strong sibling bond. Ame usually spends time protecting Terri from Amai due to her affection for him but she enjoys having the company and says that things are alot more fun since they moved in.
    Amai Another run away, Ame took in Amai after Terri found her in the street after having ran away from her parents. After alot of convincing, Ame managed to get permission for Amai to live with her. She treats Amai like a younger sister and enjoys being girly with her and teaching her how to tend to the house. However, she does get irritated sometimes wihlst having to calm her down during one of her outbursts. Despite that, Amai enjoys having her around the house as she makes the flat alot more lively and loud.

    Appearance She is commonly confused to being a boy due to hiding or even binding her chest by wearing non-flattering clothes and baggy tops. She prefers to bind her chest due to the amount of men who pay more attention to that area when speaking with her than to her face. This is common amongst men at her work. However, she does not bind her chest when inside her flat, at work or out at night.
    Her hair is short and reaches half way down her neck. She has two longer strands coming down at her ears and her bangs are relatively long but well balanced. Her hair is a deep red/brown colour and her eyes are grey.
    She is around 160-165cm. Most of the time, you will see her with a straw in her mouth. Around her neck is a necklace that she received from Yuukai on her birthday.

    History / Family
    Due to an incident involving her parents, Ame lives alone and lives by working two jobs: A maid cafe [which is where most people discover she is female due to the outfit and her figure being shown] and at a production company. She never had a great history with her father and the one male figure in her life [her grandfather] died when she was very young so her idea of men is limited and rather negative which is also down to a number of bad relationships, both romantic and family. She has two younger sisters whom she barely sees but she adores them and would do anything for them.

    Having been confused for a boy many times, Ame usually prefers to just not correct people on her gender so people don't usually find out the truth until they see her in her work uniform at the maid cafe or in some form of revealing outfit [which is rare]. She dislikes having long hair because it is "harder to manage" and doesn't enjoy hair styling or putting on makeup. Although she does have a large bust, she hid it well and tends to bind so that her chest doesn't get in her way during sports. She is generally shy and reserved, preferring to keep to herself incase she says the wrong things but, when she does speak, it is with authority and she can be very straightforward and strict in how things are done. She is usually behind the scenes of everyone else, making sure that all goes to plan and secretly taking control of everything so that it is perfect.
    She spends most of her time reading or playing sports as well as taking control of her own projects in which she loves to be the group leader. She has few friends but keeps those she does have close to her. Although she does enjoy singing, she prefers to not be in the limelight and just enjoys keeping it to herself, allowing everyone else to be the centre of attention.
    Despite not saying a whole lot, when she does she is strict and not afraid to express her opinions. Her view on things differs from those around her and she sees alot of meaning to the smallest things. This usually causes her to overworry about things due to overthinking which leads to her becoming a less happy person than she could be.
    As well as playing a number of sports, she is an avid reader and artist who spends most of her time with her sketchpad or a book. She is almost always seen carrying a bag with her sketchbook and pencils inside.
    She is a hopeless romantic and wants to one day find someone whom she can be happy with. Her dream is to create a happy and loving environment for her sisters and future children. She is a talented cook when she does it but isn't the tidiest person.

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