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    shinouyuki Character Profile: Alice Yukiko Ashworth


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    shinouyuki Character Profile: Alice Yukiko Ashworth Empty shinouyuki Character Profile: Alice Yukiko Ashworth

    Post by shinouyuki on Mon Jun 06, 2011 11:19 am

    Name: Alice Yukiko Ashworth (AYA ahaha yes I intended that xD)
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Orientation: Straight

    Relationships --to be updated. how Alice met these people are not yet clear xD
    • Ritsu - Alice's first friend during her childhood. She has mixed feelings for him, which she thinks is normal because 'the first friend must simply be special'.
    • Illia - A rival regarding school-related topics.
    • Birdie - An older sister figure she looks up to and always turns to for simple questions--like how to cook.
    • Ame - Someone who gives great advice regarding life.
    • Faura - Best friend~ waaa~
    • Kivaara - Friend~ Alice met Kivaara on her first day of school, where she asked Kivaara about how classes went (it was Alice's first time in a school). Slowly, their friendship grew from there and Alice adores Kivaara's fashion sense.

    Coming from a very rich family that has hidden Alice from the face of society, Alice has grown up to be a rather naive and gullible person when it comes to situations she is not familiar of. As a home-schooled child, she has only known what the books have to offer and life outside her home is not included in the curriculum. She is well-mannered, polite and graceful in all her actions. Her words and movements are all restricted by the standards she set for herself and she has not yet experienced a time that she wishes to act shamelessly. If described in such a conversational manner, she would be the perfect stuck-up person.

    Alice is very trusting and because of this trust, she does not hesitate to approach anybody, which is probably the reason why she comes off as brave. She always questions things she does not know and believes every answer given to her. It is not in her nature to doubt people, however, when someone is proven to betray her trust, she will do everything in her power to justly punish that person. She rarely gets angry, but one thing that absolutely ticks her off is the mention of her family background that is still shrouded in mystery. She is known to pull out a safety knife to threaten people when she is angry. After her sudden attacks of anger, she does not regret even one bit of what she has done and she apologizes firmly to everyone and explains her thoughts on the situation. She is mentally strong and firm in her beliefs and principles.

    Also, she is obedient to her father’s wishes and she does not dare to question his authority. She experiences moments of weaknesses that makes her want to cry and during these situations, she always excuses herself to find a corner where nobody will witness her weakness. She does not have any friends due to her isolated lifestyle, however, she is always open to the idea of making new friends--much like how she met Renuaru Ritsu.

    Alice always acts formally with everyone to the extent of bowing to them as a gesture of thanks. She also gets flustered at any physical contact and starts stuttering with her words. To add to that, she is often peeved by the word ‘challenge’ and she does not like turning down challenges—only when it is against her father’s wishes will she back down from any challenge. And she can’t leave troubled people alone by themselves, even though she does not know them.

    Likes: dogs (her only friends), music (her only comfort), sweet foods (her strength), beautiful dresses (her guilty pleasure)
    random likes: reading, victorian fashion, lolita, all things japanese related, happy people, cute stuff, kimonos

    Dislikes: frogs, the mention of her obscure family background, people who wish to harm others, anyone who betrays her, sun

    Appearance --very much like Anarchy Stocking x.x
    Alice is a dark blue-haired girl with a very pale skin color and sky blue eyes. She is not suffering from the sickness that lacks pigments in her skin (albino) but she is simply careful of being away from the sun. She has a short stature of about 5’1” and a slim figure that usually mistakes her for being younger. She has a few hair locks shorter than the rest that dangle in front of her ears, sometimes braided. She has full bangs very long hair, sometimes the tips are wavy and most often it is straight.

    artist: is it alright to ask yunari/yunare? I absolutely love PASWG

    A trip to Japan—yes—it all started with the trip to Japan. Alice’s mother Yukiko lived in a family with a flourishing business that dealt with wealthy foreigners. The true nature of the business of the family was never known, but through this business, Yukiko was betrothed to a rich young man from the Ashworth family. The marriage was arranged in such a way that a merger would be set between Yukiko’s family business in Japan and the Ashworth family’s many businesses. Everything was all set to be completed on the day that Mr. Ashworth would arrive in Japan. In truth, he arrived a day ahead of the schedule and incidentally, he met with a dark blue haired man on his plane ride. That trip to Japan a day earlier changed everything in a span of one night. Nobody knew how and nobody could tell the story of how Yukiko fell for the blue haired man and conceived a child at that very night. Some housekeepers gossip about how Lady Yukiko was summoned to the airport because of some news that Mr. Ashworth arrived at the airport late in the evening. Some guards keep it to themselves that Lady Yukiko purposely went out to celebrate her last night of being single...but nobody knows. Everything flowed as if that night never happened and Yukiko was welcomed into the Ashworth family. A month later, they found out Yukiko was pregnant and everyone was somehow suspicious, but no one dared to speak a word of it.

    That was until that fateful day that life was breathed into Alice and sucked out of Yukiko. Alice’s mother died of childbirth bearing a child that had the very dark blue hair that Mr. Ashworth did not have. Her very existence was detested by Mr. Ashworth and Alice’s birth was actually the last time Mr. Ashworth saw her. She was kept in hiding under the instructions that Mr. Ashworth gave and only through the sound of his voice were they able to communicate. Most of the time a secretary or a keeper would answer for Alice, and never would Alice find out the appearance of her mother, her true father or her step father.

    She kept on living with the help of music and her dogs... she kept on living for the purpose of repaying her step father and knowing the truth behind what happened the night that everyone purposely forgot. That is why she strictly follows her step father’s instructions and never doubts them even though she was held inside their home and was taught only through a tutor.

    Sometimes the Ashworth family would be invited to attend to businesses in Japan, which always excited Alice due to her love for all things Japanese--and she would ask her aunt to convince her step father to let her go to Japan. On one of the visits, she was allowed to freely play outside and due to that she met up with a peculiar young boy that seemed unwilling to play with her. Despite all that, she talked to him a bit and played with him a lot, holding him by the hands--which always made her blush. It was the first time she actually played with another kid. But complications arose with her family and she was hurriedly taken away upon the instructions of her father. (The kid she played with was Renuaru Ritsu xD)

    Time passed as Alice continued to be tutored at home without having any friends and then news of her improved education reached her step father. Rich families have high expectations for their children so at the first sign of greatness, her step father thought of finally showing her to the world. Because of that she was immediately instructed to attend a high school that was away from their home. Now she is challenged to understand the outside world and society in a short span of time and to top her class in that high school, or else she won’t be able to go out as she pleases.

    Others: Some people call her Yuki from her second name. She was named as such because of her whiteness, and her likeness to her mother.

    Note. A lot of things are still subject to change. Please don’t kill me yet xD and yes you may tease my gullible side xD

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