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    Kamiya's Character Profile: Sakurazawa Kamiya


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    Kamiya's Character Profile: Sakurazawa Kamiya Empty Kamiya's Character Profile: Sakurazawa Kamiya

    Post by Kamiya on Thu Jun 09, 2011 12:25 am

    Name : Sakurazawa Kamiya
    Age : 18
    Gender : Male
    Orientation : Straight

    Personality : Kamiya works hard to put a smile on others' faces in any possible way he can. He is a devoted young man with a limited amount of social and common knowledge because of his sheltered upbringing. He is often found with a distant or empty look in his eye, being lost in thought about what he should and could have had. Though his head is often filled with desires of doing everyday tasks that a human should be given, he places the needs of others before himself and enjoys doing so. He's a bit dense, sometimes considered "stupid", but Kamiya's love for others is greater than his own personal desires.
    Bio : The Sakurazawa family runs deep as a powerful trade industry since the Meiji era. Some of their known base of operations include Tokyo, Yokohama, and Kyoto. Born into the rich and wealthy family, Kamiya has been taught all his life about the family business, balanced with schooling from prominent tutors and foreign professors. He's attended meetings, gatherings, and overseas trips as the next and future head of the Sakurazawa family. However, he is a sheltered child with little knowledge outside of his own little world called Sakurazawa.

    Though watching how everyone around him worked, and how he was catered to his every whim, Kamiya grew to a sense of guilt. He didn't want to be catered forever and did his part to help, something that would seem unfitting for someone of his status. Nevertheless, he dedicated himself to helping others within his vicinity (though, that's as far as he'll go), and it became his goal to turn his future company into one that will make people smile. But with all the money and power his family has, he yearns for something more than that. A more fun, enriching, and fulfilling life outside of his own world. Deep down, Kamiya wants to [BREAK FREE] from the Sakurazawa world to something he calls..."The Commoner World."

    Detailed Appearance
    Kamiya's hair is black and semi-long, at least up to his shoulders. He often styles it by splitting it down the middle while a middle part of his hair climbs up the split to the back. The back is somewhat feathered, slightly spiking upwards than downwards as it hangs behind his head. Kamiya always wears thin eyeglasses over his dark brown eyes. He's always wearing formal clothes, commonly a white color dress shirt and a black or gray vest. His slim dress pants often switches between grey, black, brown, and light tan, and his ties are always changing colors whenever he gets the chance to. His dress shoes are always black. During the winter, he often wears a formal dark gray blazer or a black rich and expensive-looking peacoat.

    Likes : Helping members of the Sakurazawa Household, the "commoner life" and commoner fast food
    Dislikes : Public and visual immorality, liquor, pessimism, and abstract art

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