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    Tohru Character Sheet Empty Tohru Character Sheet

    Post by Tohru0chan on Sun Jul 03, 2011 12:28 am

    Name: Tohru Natsumi
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Orientation: Straight

    Adopted, Biological Mother (Doctor) and Adoptive Father (Soldier) with two younger siblings that look like Rin
    and Len

    Tohru is quiet and outgoing all in one. She seems to put a smile on the faces
    of people she cares about and loves to make people laugh. She is soft spoken
    and can say some pretty odd things. Things that make people stop and look at
    her in amazement or shock. Tohru usually spends her time riding her bike,
    swimming, singing or drawing. Not particularly in that order. She is sweet and kind and loves to make people feel good

    Family, Friends, Foxes, Sweets, Music, Exercising, Piano, Art, Drawing and

    Dislikes: Spiders, Clowns, Romance movies, people that are inconsiderate toward
    her friends and family

    Appearance: Tohru has green colored hair with yellow highlights, greenish-blue eyes, a very
    pale and milky complexion. Average waist, Big bust. Long legs; about 5’7 and
    125 lbs. She is Half Japanese and Caucasian. She wears a light blue dress that comes out to a pleated end. White frill underskirt. A grey ribbon is fashioned around her waist. She wears a striped undershirt that is off shoulder. She usually has her blue ipod and big bulky blue headphones. She always wears her two necklaces one of the two is silver crossed sabers for her father's Battalian and the other is a pendent with an angel on it, her grandmother gave her this on her deathbed. She wears flats and thigh high striped socks. Sometimes she wears her glasses but feels self-conscious so tries not too.

    Bio: Tohru was born in New York. 5 years after her
    birth she moved to Kyoto, Kyoto Japan. She lived there for 10 years enduring
    elementary, middle and her first year of high school there before moving back
    to the States. While in Japan her mother met a man she later married, thus
    created two more siblings for Tohru. Lynn and Riley, (twins) A boy and a girl. When
    Tohru moved back to the states she endured ghetto high school which leads to
    current times of today. Her only friend is her pet Fox, Happeh. She met Happeh in Japan while in the woods she heard a small cry from a wounded animal. She went to investigate and found a baby Happeh. Ever since they have been inseparable. She has a tendency to smile kindly and look like an airhead, with her short attention span. She day-dreams a lot. All of her past relationships have been unfaithful and all ended with her being cheated on. One day she will find the right man for her. She just hasn't met him yet...

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