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    Annie's Character Profile -- Dango Hana


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    Annie's Character Profile -- Dango Hana

    Post by Annie on Tue Jul 12, 2011 12:33 am


    Dango Hana (糰子 花)



    Loud and could be annoying sometimes. Hana tends to be singing almost everywhere as well -- in the shower, around her friends, humming on the streets, everywhere. She likes to act cool but with people close to her, nuh-uh -- she'd be as excited and as bright as ever. Not to mention the fact that Hana is emo and dark at times, she likes pink (or rather, the colors of the dango -- pink, white, green, though black is an exception). Getting to know her could be a challenge for some people due to Hana's outer "emo-ness", but eventually, she'll start letting go of that mask for people new to her.

    Music (singing) & art (writing, drawing), microphones, dangos, rainy days, reading romance books and shoujo manga.

    Bugs, annoying guys, mixing.

    Hana never really faced any hardships in her life, however, she always seemed to have trouble accomplishing what's in front of her. Her family has always been a big part of her life. After conflicts occurring continuously between her parents, her life became complicated. She would always be confused an not knowing what to do. Having trouble making friends, Hana never had much people to talk to. Eventually, all the misery and frustration building up within her forced her to forget what she loved. She stopped worrying about everything once and for all, and began focusing on what she could do -- in her case, accomplishing her dreams.

    (If the images are too large, click on the images for direct links!)

    Drawn by Shiki on DeviantArt.

    Drawn by Anna on DeviantArt.

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