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    Leelee's Characters (twins) - Haruko and Natsuko


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    Leelee's Characters (twins) - Haruko and Natsuko Empty Leelee's Characters (twins) - Haruko and Natsuko

    Post by Leelee on Mon Sep 19, 2011 8:20 pm

    Leelee here! I just created my two characters, Haruko and Natsuko. They're twins (because I'm a genderbender) and, well, here are their profiles:

    Name meaning: Spring child
    Gender: Female (I'll use my "high voice" for her)
    Hair color: Red
    Hair style/texture: very straight and short, in stubby pigtails :3
    Eye color: Brown
    Personality: Very bubbly and outgoing, but also extremely moody and protective of her body. She hasn't ever had a boyfriend or this reason, despite being 17 and very cute :3
    Likes: Singing, cats, talking, going on walks, strawberries, dancing
    Clothes: Red long-sleeved v-neck with black suspenders, puffy black skirt and black and red stockings.

    Name meaning: Summer child
    Gender: male (my genderbent voice!)
    Hair color: Red
    Hair style/texture: curly and short, like normal boy style
    Eye color: brown
    Personality: shy and removed, but very caring when you get to know him. Also 17 of course.
    Likes: Singing, dogs, rasberries, girls (lol)
    Clothes: Pretty much the guy equivalent to Haruko, so like a red t-shirt with diagonal black stripes, black knee shorts, etc

    History: Haruko was sexually abused by her father when she was younger, so that's why shes so hesitant o date anyone. This is also an explanation of why Natsuko is sonreserved and distrusting, because he cares a lot about his sister. So the two twins live with their mother, but they basically always fend for themselves because their mother is in an eternal state of shock. The end

    (Did I miss anything? Please comment if I did :/)

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