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    Cherri's Character Profile Empty Cherri's Character Profile

    Post by Cherri on Tue Sep 20, 2011 5:35 pm

    Name: Cherri Berri
    Age: 16 (birthday: March 16)
    Gender: 100% Female~
    Orientation: Straight as a popsicle stick~

    Cherri's Character Profile Cherri12
    Height: 5’4”
    Cherri is extremely hyper and optimistic to the point that it’s exhausting for people who can’t keep up. She hates it when people are sad and would do anything in the world to make them happy again; even if she suffered for it. She puts 500% of her energy into everything she does.

    On the negative side, because of her overflowing energy and excitement, she constantly trips and stumbles, making her one of the clumsiest people you could ever meet. Despite being so hyper, she is actually very shy to strangers and would not talk to anyone first. She is also too gullible and trusts anyone. Because of this, she rarely forgives people when they lie to her, and she will hold a bitter grudge forever. Also, she falls in love too easily (but only one person at a time!) and becomes
    completely love-struck to the point you can almost see the hearts flying from her head. Her biggest flaw (besides her ridiculously low self-esteem) is that she will never complain about something that bothers her (besides if she’s hungry, sleepy, etc.). She would rather hold it inside all alone instead of sharing the load.

    Cherri was abandoned as a baby by her parents and left on a random person’s doormat. This person (who was actually a sweet, elderly lady) took her in and raised her to be optimistic and energetic. She grew up with her neighbors Luz and Seth (who she calls Kori for who knows what reason) so she considers them as her very best friends even now.

    However, at the age of twelve, her “grandma” had a heart attack and passed away. In fear that she would get sent to an orphanage, she acted as if her parents were simply working overseas whenever anyone asked. Cherri lives off of the money left behind by her “grandma” and what money she gets from her part-time jobs. Luz and Seth are the only ones who know the truth behind her living alone.

    Despite her closest idea of family dying, she stays optimistic and isn’t lonely thanks to Luz and Seth as well as her other friends.

    Sweets & yummy food
    Happy music
    Cute clothes, cute animals, cute accessories, etc.
    Cute/optimistic people
    Sappy romance
    Subject: Art, English


    Bugs (Especially spiders. She will burst out crying and freak out even forsmall ones. She likes butterflies and beetles, though.)
    The dark
    Depressing/pessimistic/scary people
    Sports (Especially if they have to do with running.)
    Tragedy stories
    Subject: Gym, Math, History, Science,
    Home Economics (She’s very good at burning food that shouldn’t be able to be burned…)

    Luz : Best friends and neighbors since very young. Cherri hangs out at her house often and can be found sleeping on her couch whenever she gets lonely or sad.
    Seth : They fight so often that no one is really sure about their relationship. Breaks into his house often and steals whatever she wants. Neighbors and Cherri considers them to be best friends even though they disagree about everything.
    Tohru : Cherri wanted to talk to her because she thought they would get along, but never gathered the courage to and regrets it.
    Yuukai : Just started to become friends but they get along well.
    Illia : Cherri is intimidated by her so she tries to avoid her.

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