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    Seth tends to be very quiet and reserved. Being smaller then most of the other people his age, he prefers to blend into the background. He'll speak up if neccesary or to defend his beliefs, but most times he'll remain calm. There are some topics though that will easily provoke him. And when Seth gets mad, it's easy to tell. He tends to distance himself from people when he starts getting irritated, prefering to try and take out his anger on objects rather then people.

    Seth was raised in a loving family. His parents got along well and he had an older brother, Kain, that looked out for him. The boy was introduced to his neighbors at a young age. He never really got along well with the girl that lived right next door. However it all seemed to work itself out. And everything was great for a while. But when he was 8, Seth's brother got in a bad accident. His car ran off the road during a bad storm, resulting in a terrible wreck. Kain made it to the hospital, barely alive. Seth visited his brother almost every day for the next few months in the hospital, just waiting and hoping that his big brother would wake up. But he never did. Seth's parents eventually decided to take their oldest son off of life support. It was an act that they never truely forgave themselves for.

    After Kain passed away and his funeral was over with, Seth's parents began drifting apart. It was like they didn't have a family anymore without Kain running around causing havoc and keeping smiles. After the accident, Seth practicaly had to raise himself. He spent a lot more time at the neighbor's houses, playing with Luz and Cherri when he felt like going outside. Before the passing of his brother, Seth was a lot more outgoing and cheerful. But with the loss of what seemed like the light of the family he became more introverted, mostly choosing to play on his own as long as someone else was around.

    Candy, Reading, Singing, Drawing, going for walks in woods and forests

    Storms, people touching him, the fact that his parents aren't happy anymore


    Luz: He has a pretty good relationship with Luz. They've lived practically next door for as long as he could remember. She's like a sister to him. Even with the 5 year age difference they still get along fairly well.

    Cherri: Seth has a Love-Hate relationship with Cherri. They just love to hate each other. They got along really well when they were little. But as they got older and Seth lost his brother, the boy would get irritated at all of the things Cherri used to do that were funny. They still get along fairly well. But Cherri seems to enjoy pushing his buttons.


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