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    The Rules.


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    The Rules. Empty The Rules.

    Post by AMESHI on Sun Jun 05, 2011 11:30 am

    The rules are applicable to all members. Anyone who breaks the rules will be subject to the punishments depending on the severity.

    First of all, you will received a Written Warning. A member of staff with message you telling you what you have done wrong and that this is your first strike. You have two chances with a written warning.
    Second, a Temporary Ban. Once we have contacted you twice with a written warning, you will be banned temporarily.
    Third and final, a Permanent Ban. You are allowed to be temp. banned twice and then it will become permanent.

    Now, the rules.
    - No discrimination over sex, nationality, religion, political beliefs, or sexual orientation.
    - No bullying or harassing of other members.
    - No flaming. Keep all comments on projects to a constructive manner.
    - No profanity or obscene content. This includes cuss words and pornographic images.
    - Keep in mind that there are people on this forum who will be under the age of 18. Keep all content to a tasteful manner.

    There are no excuses for breaking the rules. If you were angry or not thinking straight it doesn't matter. We will take all breaking of rules seriously. If you break a rule, you caused damage.

    Staff abuse will not be tolerated. This falls into two catagories:
    - Members. You may not harass staff members over their decisions. They are only doing what they are supposed to be within the community.
    - Staff members themselves. Abuse of your power over the forum will result in that right being taken from you and a temp ban.

    Staff will debate over how long the temp bans will last. They could last from a minimum of five days to anything more.

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