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    Post by Dolly on Sun Jun 05, 2011 12:38 pm


    Here is a list of all the members of Midnight's Rhapsody. As the chorus progresses, we will also include links to their character profiles, individual solos, and external websites. Members are free to contact me to list more of their websites next to their name. Only people on the member list are allowed to sing and participate in chorus songs. Singer's original character names are not to be copied or used elsewhere.


    Imagine!: YT l CP l CP
    Shinouyuki: YT l CP

    Cheshire: YT l CP

    Faura: YT l CP
    Rellie: YT l CP
    Tohru: YT l CP
    Yami: YT
    Annie: YT l CP
    Togi: YT l CP


    Kamiya: YT l CP
    Kori: YT

    Len: YT
    Yuukai: YT l CP

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