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    Disappearing for a while after first project...


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    Disappearing for a while after first project... Empty Disappearing for a while after first project...

    Post by AELITA on Sat Jul 09, 2011 9:53 pm

    So... the group message that was recently sent to us via YouTube kinda reminded me of this site's existence... @.@;;;

    Already mentioned this in my (long) response to the PM, but I'll be disappearing from this project as a forefront singer/chorus member for a while. By the time the artist markets/this project is over, it'll be late July-early August. That's when I promised my dad to start getting involved in the Fine Arts again, so I'll be cutting my YouTube time a fair bit. That means cutting out big projects like the ones we do on here... (or at least, more you guys, since I'm barely active. OTL )

    I'll also be heading off to university in September. University as in commuting, since I don't have enough money for a residence spot. ($8000 ALONE FOR STAYING ON CAMPUS AND A BASIC FOOD PLAN?! WTF?! And I'm already paying $5500 for tuition alone... OTL )

    You guys have fun without me~ ;w;/// (I'll finish the first project, though, I promise!)

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