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    XJ_90 character - Luz Marina


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    XJ_90 character - Luz Marina Empty XJ_90 character - Luz Marina

    Post by cantispandabearx on Tue Sep 20, 2011 5:38 pm

    Name: Luz Marina (Lulu for short ;D)

    Age: 20

    Gender: female

    I’m a silly character and a bit flirty if you get to know me. I don’t
    take things too seriously but I am very passionate about my interests. Awkward
    so it’s hard to make friends but when I am your friend I’m the most loyal type.
    I’m just as clumsy as anyone else, sensitive, a bit naïve, a bit too trusting
    in other people, which can get me into trouble. And yet, when it comes to real
    relationships I find it hard to trust men, as much as I do try though.

    I’m in love with singing and music, drawing, and appreciate the arts in general
    (film, theater, etc.) , chocolate cheesecake, puppies, and

    Liars and evil wizards >C

    Biography: Luz’s father abandoned her mother and
    herself. Their only ties being a 2 check sent every month for her mother and
    herself. Angry and too proud, Luz insisted on never cashing any of her checks,
    and instead dropped out at age 16 (as soon as she could) to work long hours at
    both a record store and as a waitress at a downtown diner. Working on behalf of
    her broken hearted mother, in the hopes that she could support the two of them
    without the help of her father. In rough times like these, she has learned to
    trust and lean on her friends, Cherri and Seth, for hope and optimism the way
    they, too, lean on her.

    Appearance:Thick black framed glasses; Curly; medium length hair (Magenta); 5’4”; Hipster
    style clothing and boots.

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    XJ_90 character - Luz Marina Empty Re: XJ_90 character - Luz Marina

    Post by Kori on Tue Sep 20, 2011 11:54 pm


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