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    Inspirational original songs/choruses


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    Inspirational original songs/choruses

    Post by rokaroka on Mon Jul 11, 2011 4:34 am

    They made a great medley with several songs/own arranged instrumentals/other versions of the originals + an awesome medley which tells a story. Please read the description to understand.

    General description on the Video:
    Here is our 3rd round entry! The theme this time was Random Draw and we got:
    -Layers of Harmony

    Our entry this time is a mashup of the following songs with an original instrumental and arrangement by Ai:
    -Romeo & Cinderella Freedom
    -Tsumugi Uta
    -Sakura Sakura by Rin'

    Incidentally, we also tried to tell a simple story with this mashup of ours.
    In the beginning, with the R&C Freedom intro, the female protagonist of our story tells of her regret of not having been able to convey her feelings properly.
    With the first Tsumugi Uta verse, she sings of how she took what she had with her lover for granted and again reminisces about the past and reflects on the present. Here, we presume that she has lost her lover in some way and is mourning him.
    In the 2nd verse, the Akahitoha verse, she has a flashback to a time when she spoke with her lover, a foreshadowing of the events that led to the present.
    In the chorus that immediately follows this verse, we can see her state of mind getting worse and more desperate.
    And in the third part, there is more reminiscing and regret and mourning until the very last chorus, where she takes her life to rejoin her lover. Lovely, no?

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    Re: Inspirational original songs/choruses

    Post by rokaroka on Sat Jul 23, 2011 6:42 am

    Frigging awesome song writer
    it's so funny
    and he duets with himself perfectly and it's the best harmoines combination!!!!
    a true inspiration!!
    and he's a superb voice!!! baritone with a good light bass voice!!!!

    I love your hair, your smile, your clothes
    I love your cankles and your elephant nose
    I love your freckles and your eyes
    Don't forget about her thunder thighs

    Girl, did it hurt when you fell from heaven
    It hurt, she landed on her face
    Girl, I need to put you on my "to do list"
    Or my hit list, whichever really works
    If you were a booger I'd pick you first
    Well I'd lick you first

    Girl, you're everything I (don't) want
    You're everything I (don't) need
    Without you I can barely (finally) breath

    You're so fat
    You got arrested at the airport for 10 pounds of crack
    Not even Clinton would sleep with you
    When trucks back up they beep like you
    And no one wants to be with you
    I never want to see you again

    You're like the elephant man
    It looks like you seriously stopped a van with your face
    Your face is like the sun
    Yep, it burns my retinas
    You have beautiful puppy dog eyes
    Maybe you should go to the vet

    You smell like a pig and you look like a fish
    If you were a cow I'd put you right on a dish
    You're crazy like a monkey you belong in a zoo
    If you were a horse I'd turn you right into glue

    Your eyes are like a pond in which the fish of beauty swim
    You have a mustache like my dads, you really need a trim
    All I really wanted to say
    Is I love (hate) you

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    Re: Inspirational original songs/choruses

    Post by Dolly on Sat Jul 23, 2011 6:39 pm

    Omg xD

    The duet with myself video was great xD;

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    Re: Inspirational original songs/choruses

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