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    Post by Dolly on Sun Jun 19, 2011 12:20 am

    Remi Ameline Remirender

    Name: Remi Ameline
    Age: Fourteen
    Gender: Male
    Orientation: Straight

    Remi is quite serious, expressionless, and cold. He is
    very blunt, up front, and will not hold back. Despite his age he is
    nowhere near naive, and he is extremely intelligent. The only person he
    has any affection towards is Illia, which is about the only person
    he cares about or will open up to. He's ruthless and wont back down from
    anything, he wont give up and will die trying to accomplish something.
    He's cautious when he needs to be but is otherwise someone who jumps
    into things. Remi is someone who will analyze situations, trying to
    learn about people and everyone and everything around him. He will pick
    people apart trying to learn their strengths and weaknesses as well. He
    doesn't like to rely on people, preferring to be on his own, and he is
    possessive and protective of Illia. She is about the only person he
    will work with without getting angry about it. He's easily annoyed, and
    can be impatient at times. He seems quiet and reserved and will hardly
    just strike up a conversation for no good reason. Remi is tough skinned
    and hard headed, and extremely if not annoyingly stubborn.


    Often time you can find him with headphones or music on around, its
    soothing to him regardless if he likes the lyrics of a song or not.
    Reading: The one thing he does on his free time that is relaxing.
    Writing: No one really knows but he's actually a phenomenal writer, he only does it when he's painfully bored though.
    to himself: Remi prefers to be alone, so he enjoys time to himself as
    opposed to with others, which can sometimes annoy him or make him feel
    rather awkward.
    Nature and animals: More because being around them is relaxing.
    to his sister sing/play instruments: Illia, sometimes thought of as
    a musical prodigy, aside from an academic genius, always picks up new
    and random instruments to play, and because he likes music he enjoys
    listening to her play.
    Spending time with Illia: She is
    literally the only person that gets him and vice versa. They basically
    tolerate each other more than any other human being can and are the only
    people that can look past each others rough sides.
    Video games: He
    doesn't fancy sitting in front of the television for long, but he's
    naturally just good at video games somehow so sometimes he'll laze
    around and play them.
    Sports: It's not too much that he likes them,
    but he is athletic in a sense and extremely competitive so he just likes
    to play to win. He hates if he's ever on a team though, and will
    neglect the other members if possible.
    Fighting: Somehow, Remi enjoys
    fighting. He doesn't go around looking for fights, but he enjoys
    beating the crap out of people, not that you'd know however, as he makes
    it seem like such things are bothersome.


    Annoying people: They are bothersome, not much else to say.
    people: Stupid people Remi cannot handle and has no patience for,
    within a minute of being around someone deemed idiotic Remi is bound to
    go off.
    Bugs: It's not that he is afraid of them, they are just grose.
    When his sister cries: Most likely whoever made her cry will end up hospitalized.
    When girls in general cry: He finds it weak and annoying, the sound, is obnoxious.
    Conceited people: They are annoying human beings.
    - at anything: he doesn't tolerate losing. He's
    extremely competitive in nature and losing gets under his skin. No,
    losing is just not acceptable.
    Being reffered to as a child: Although
    he is young, he doesn't really act like it, so being called a child
    rather bothers him, of course you wouldn't know as the expression on his
    face rarely changes.
    Large crowds of people: As intimidating as he
    can seem alone, when he is around large crowds of people he gets a bit
    nervous and feels slightly awkward.
    What he refers to as fan
    girls/stalkers: He basically hates that type of girls that follow him
    around and/or throw themselves at him, and it rather annoys him so.

    Remi stands about six feet, and is very slim and slender. Despite being
    so, there is still some muscle too him but not much. He's a little
    pale, like his sister, with white hair and crystal blue eyes. Also
    inherited from his mother, like his sister, he has long eyelashes adding
    a bit of femininity to him. Majority of the time he wears all black.
    However, if he's not wearing black he's oddly in white, one thing you
    will never see on him - if its by choice is colors though, nobody really
    knows why. Remi is sort of...pretty in a way, so he often attracts a
    lot of female attention, even from those older than him. Being that he
    looks older in general, one could easily mistake him as older as well.

    Bio: Sigh I will edit this sometime soon.

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    Post by Rellie on Sun Jul 10, 2011 1:41 am

    Remi is super hot ;w; I'm totally fangirling here xDDD

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