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    Faura L'Ange Character profile Empty Faura L'Ange Character profile

    Post by silversoulbird on Tue Jun 07, 2011 12:40 am

    Character name: Faura Jaqueline L'Ange

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Orientation: Bisexual

    Personality: Bubbly, tomboyish and impulsive, she often gives little thought to what she says or does, and because of this often comes across as immature or dim. Despite her fine features, she is rather thick-skinned and sarcasm goes completely over her head. Everything she does has the appearance being an accident or coincidence, and she likes to think that it merely the result of having uncommonly good luck. While she may seem bubbly in carefree, she has secret love for the macabre and gothic influenced styles. This is reflected in her clothing and tastes in music, but she is in reality rather sweet. She is honest to the point of being tactless, and her inability to curb her tongue can sometime lead to her saying hurtful things without necessarily being aware of it. Despite this flaw, very rarely does she say anything with the attention to hurt someone, and her close friends have learned not to be too offended by anything she says. As she grows older, she finds herself trying to suppress her enigmatic nature with a mask of seriousness, though her attempts to appear grownup are usually fairly laughable. She does have an obsessive competitive streak that has made her avoid competition if she can help it. She is quick to anger, but is not vengeful in the least and forgives quickly. At her worst, she can be too quick to judge someone, but always leaves some room for them to make a good impression on her in the future. She is definitely someone who believes in "mind over matter," and will seldom fall under depression. If she wants to feel happy, she will feel happy and nothing can convince her otherwise.

    Mannerisms: Because she often finds herself on the receiving end of a joke, she can usually be seen with her head tilted slightly to the side and blinking rapidly. She also chews her lower lip when nervous or scared.

    Likes: Hard rock, gothic rock, folk music, opera, musical theatre, classical music, reading, spicy foods, horses, birds, autumn, snow, angels, writing music, staying up late, sleeping in, singing (of course!), pretending to be a ninja

    Dislikes: Pink, anything overly girlish or tacky, overly sarcastic people, bees, animal cruelty, losing, being helpless

    Appearance: Height is 5’6, dark complexioned, with waist-length silky black hair and emerald-green eyes. Her features are very finely sculpted, almost impish or pixie-like, with bangs that frame her face. She has long eyelashes that give her a mischievous look (though she is rather mischievous, so it just might be her). Since she only recently went through a growth spurt, she has a tendency to tilt her head downwards and peer up through her eyelashes. She has a slim figure, not overly curvy in the least. Her fingers are long and graceful and often decorated with black nail polish. She has tattoo of a star on her left shoulder, looks something like this:

    Faura L'Ange Character profile Stars11
    She usually wears gothic style clothing, so fishnets, corsets and black clothing are her standard fare. She enjoys wearing leather boots, though she can also be seen wearing lace-up sandals. She doesn’t overly accessorise with jewellery, usually a simply necklace, small loop earrings and some bangle bracelets are the most you’ll see her wearing.

    Artist Information: I would like request Sophia, please. For her pose, I would like her to be sitting down with her knees pulled up against her chest, with her arms wrapped around her legs. Head tilted slightly to the side, so her hair hangs down in a curtain behind her shoulders. A slight smile would be nice, like she’s hiding something. Thanks!

    Bio: As a child prodigy on the piano, most of her younger years were spent with her parents pressuring her to practise for hours on end and to enter every competition she could. She had no friends and was very lonely for the most part as her parents kept her under lock and key in order to "nurture her gift." She rarely ever got to see the world outside of her family's estates in either France or Japan, though she did make the occasional trip to New York for competitions. Friends were seen as a distraction, and her parents discouraged her from having any other hobbies or skills. She eventually suffered a minor nervous breakdown from the stress of being judged and the pressure her parents put on her to be perfect all the time. After being hospitalized for a few months, her parents finally realized that she needed the chance to live her own life and grudgingly allowed her freedom she always craved. More than just that, Faura finally found the strength she needed to go against her parents wishes and make her own decisions. She amazingly has not lost her love for music, but realizes now that she enjoys singing even more than the piano. It took awhile for her parents to accept this, and at the moment they still have a hard time coming to terms with Faura’s refusal to compete. Free from the strict parameters of her childhood, she enjoys experimenting with different styles and delights in being able to simply be herself without worrying about being judged. After finally convincing her parents to let her go to a regular high school (she had been home schooled previously – in order to maximize the amount of practise time) she’s had some hard time fitting in, though she is willing to make friends with almost anyone and refuses to let her good fortune be spoiled by the pitfalls of high school life. Studying and getting good grades is important to her -- but not too important, so her grades are average even though Faura herself is a fairly intelligent. Her sparse childhood does leave her feeling like she missed an integral part of her life, and she often acts overly childish as if she is trying to recapture the feeling. Even though she acts confident on the outside, deep down she still holds a fear of inadequacy and hates feeling like she has to live up to anyone's expectation for her. If she feels like she is pressured to do something she will literally become unable to function as a crippling fear takes control over her body and mind. She can’t stand any form of competition, even a friendly one, and hates feeling as if people are judging her. It doesn’t help with her parents always trying to get her to enrol in this or that piano competition, and she just wishes they would get over it and let her do what she wants. She is very much a free spirit and refuses to let anyone chain her down.

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