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    Yuukai Character Description |May edit as we go.| Empty Yuukai Character Description |May edit as we go.|

    Post by Yuukai on Sun Jun 05, 2011 1:00 pm

    Yuukai Character Description |May edit as we go.| Yuukai_finished_by_happy_moogle27-d3iaonb

    Alternate Rocker Look

    Artist Pick: Happy-Moogle27
    Name: Yuukai Fujiwara
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Sexual Orientation: Straight

    Personality: Generally shy, Friendly, Quiet, Bubbly when around friends, Serious when need be, Philosophical, Patient.

    Had always been the runt of litter and not payed much attention to while he was younger, Yuukai had developed a very shy personality. It wasn't until he was 12 that he found that he was comfortable in front of a microphone and he began to take a liking to singing. Being of average but thin and gentle stature, Yuukai was considered all his life to be androgynous, his sisters and friends would dress him up for fun, at first it was strange to him but he took a liking to it and started dressing femininely adding in girly things to the way he dressed normally. His parents at first were furious at first at his choice and threatened him but he stuck to it because it made him feel comfortable with himself and in general. Thus his parents learned to accept him and grew closer as he got older. Though he was picked on for this choice others around him slowly saw it as nothing more then a quirk. Considering his longer hair and his shy and gentle personality his is sometimes confused for a girl, but doesn't think much of it and goes along with his business and has grown tired of correcting others so he just let's it go and let's people figure out on their own. Yuukai's past though is far from innocent though, having lost a family member and two friends to suicide, he has become at some points very sad and broken up if the subject is brought up. And if he sees anyone, especially those close to him start to act how those he's lost acted he will do everything he can to protect them and make them happy. He doesn't bring it up much but he was once at that stage and makes it capital that he keeps everyone he loves out of that place at all costs.
    Though he doesn't look it, Yuukai likes to play sports from time to time, you'll usually see him playing volleyball, swimming or playing Baseball with Ame outside just for fun.

    Ame: Ame is Yuukai's closest friend whom he shares most of his interests and secrets with, he tries to help her as much he possibly can and tries to comfort her in rough times. They say they have a history with one another, but only hints are given as to what it is when they are around each other. When seen together you'll see Yuukai blush when looking and talking to her and will hold her hand from time to time. Yuukai greatly cherishes Ame and will do anything for her. He'll give her presents from time to time, like the necklace she wears for her birthday.
    Terri: Though Yuukai has little brothers in his biological family, Yuukai sees Terri as one of his true little brothers seeing as his real brothers pay little attention to him. Yuukai and Terri are close, so Yuukai helps Ame protect him from Amai's outbursts. Yuukai brings Terri over to his house and they'll sing together after Yuukai got him comfortable in front of a microphone. The two share a close brotherly bond and are seen watching anime, playing video games together and sports together with Ame and Amai.
    Amai: Yuukai sees Amai as another one of his sisters but, there's always been something about Amai that's bugged him and he actually can be quite frightened by her during her outbursts but, he treats her like his little sister all the same and tries to calm her down often. When with Ame and Amai, Yuukai usually will join in being girly with them and will help around the house.

    Other Stuff:
    With becoming comfortable in front of the microphone Yuukai became very interested in voice acting as well as mixing audio clips. Now having gone through pueberty Yuukai retained his gentle and average sized stature, the only offset is his now constant medium-low tone of voice, though with his voice acting experience he usually keeps a medium-high tone of voice normally only using his medium-low when serious. Yuukai being a generally gentle soul likes softer music like soft rock, ballads and some pop. But he also has a serious more edgy side where his anger comes out, acquiring a more rocker like look, where he'll comfortably sing more Rock, Power Ballads, Metal. But the majority of the time he keeps this side under wraps because he's afraid he'll scare his friends and push him away, but some of this frustration can come if he's annoyed enough, he doesn't have a short temper but when he goes off things could get dicey so look out and hope you don't catch him on a bad day or poke too much fun at him. Not being payed attention to much when he was little, Yuukai was grateful for the friends and things he has. He is really protective and loyal to those he considers friends. He'll make sure to do anything to make sure they aren't sad, and will protect his friends if any harm were to try and come to them. Though Yuukai can be foolish and childish sometimes, he is really just a modest, caring, serious, and friendly person looking for his place in the world. He tends to have philosophical moments if deep in thought and doesn't tell many people but he likes to listen to classical music from time to time, he usually listens to it to meditate on a situation and is seen as almost wise when a problem arises and has become a great problem solver. When he isn't around his friends and at home he likes to spend some time under a cherry blossom tree thinking of what to do and what has happened during the course of his life. He might even write some poems while under this tree or lyrics if time allows. Though he likes time alone, he enjoys being with his friends more. His biggest fear is his friends turning their backs om him and leaving him alone or worse yet a loved one dieing. This coming from his uncle and close friend dieing of causes that Yuukai doesn't reveal to most people and only tells those closest to him. Though with a dark and rocky past, Yuukai remains hopeful and happy-go lucky, always pushing towards a better and brighter future for him and his friends.

    Appearance: Hair down to chin, usually seen wearing either a collared shirt with slightly girly jeans or black pants. Can also be seen wearing a v-neck with oversized sleeves and shorts with a heart on them.

    Habits: Bites nails when hungry and doesn't realize it.

    Likes: Dragonfruit, cute things, friends, singing, volleyball, voice acting, Blue, Red, White(Ain't I patriotic xD)
    Dislikes: Drama, Cigarettes, Insensitive People

    Yuukai Character Description |May edit as we go.| Commisionyuukaibynatali

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