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    [Imagine!] Character Profile: Illia Chasmere


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    [Imagine!] Character Profile: Illia Chasmere Empty [Imagine!] Character Profile: Illia Chasmere

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    Illia Chasmere

    Artist: Yunare

    [Imagine!] Character Profile: Illia Chasmere Illiasketch2

    Name: Illia Chasmere
    Age: Eighteen, and that matters why?
    Gender: What the hell kind of question is that? I'm a girl -flashes-
    Orientation: I'm bisexual, boys and girls are both yummy.

    Personality: What kind of person am I...hmmm...hmmmm. I guess my personality seems to contradict itself. I have to admit I am one of those people that are very in your face, you know those people who pretend not to know what personal space is, the people that like to jump inside other people's bubbles. I am also very blunt, I don't see the point in sugar coating things for idiotic people who can't face reality, I mean seriously. People tell me sometimes my words drip sarcasm, I suppose that is me amusing myself. I am not shy, not even remotely, I will walk around in my underwear on the street in front of complete strangers, I don't care. I truly could not give a crap what anyone thinks about me, you are the one wasting your own energy with all that hatred and dislike towards me. I'm not shy sure, but I am not completely outgoing, I don't randomly just talk to people - unless I want to of course. But there are times I become completely anti social and don't want to and just cannot talk to anyone. I often end up on my own hiding out somewhere or locked up in my room for this time. There is something annoying about me. I remember everything, everything that has ever happened in my life, that I have ever seen, that's been said to me. I remember everything my teachers say, every word from every book, every textbook picture. This made me excel in school, get advanced placement classes, have scholarships thrown at me and get many awards - I don't let it get to my head though, I am thankful. I guess I am also very intuitive, I seem to always know when something is going to go wrong, when someone is in trouble, or if there is a place I might need to be. For those people who can stand to be around me, I am that person they come to for advice, usually because have feelings how things will turn out and haven't been wrong. I have to say, both those things together can be overwhelming. I am an impatient person though, I will curse at people and drip sarcasm when they are trying my patience. I guess I am just naturally, a feisty little spitfire. I can be sort of protective and possessive I guess, or people say that, whatever. I am stubborn, so so stubborn and I hear it all the time. But it's because I know I'm right. Why oh why don't people understand. But yeah, can't change my mind since you're wrong. I am very adventurous and love to learn new things and see new things. I guess I am very bold, brave, and daring because I'll do anything, and I'll do it first. Ah but if your annoying little self has to be first, it's fine. You whiney little.... Well I am told I like to tease and poke and prod at people and it's true. I guess I can really touchy feely as well. It's just fun to see people's reactions. I am more of an independent person, I have a very had time relying on other people. Ah, and even though I may be an intelligent walking book, I try not to act like so, because my big words might confuse you. I'm pretty rugged and tough skinned for the most part, I'm not someone who will break down and cry or whine about things. I am aslo extremely crafty and imaginative. I like to think outside of the box, and I like to be different. Fitting in, is just, so overrated.

    Habits: Illia has a tendency to talk down to people, come off rude to new individuals, and judge people as soon as she meets them. She always seems impatient with people, and can have a short fuse. She also likes to mess around with people sometimes, mostly for her own amusement.

    School: You whiney little babies who hate school are just horrible at it. School made me the walking dictionary slash thesaurus slash textbook I am today.
    Reading: I swear to god I am getting into the guinnuss book of world records for being able to recite every book ever read by memory!
    Writing: I'f you're not nice to me I'll make you die in my book thatIwillwritesomedaywhenIstopbeingsolazy.
    Winning: I have to win I have to win everything!
    Video Games: I'm not really good at them though...I just play for fun -pout-. Common let's go I'll kick your ---.
    Music: Music is beautiful, every form of music is lovely, I find myself with headphones on even when I'm reading.
    Any form of art: Art translates feelings and emotions that sometimes people can not communicate on their own, I draw myself as well. Or sometimes I doodle myself taking over the world or making out with that guy next to me...chaining up that girl and....
    Knives and swords: Ooooh shiney! No no but really, I like the way they look for some reason. And the way I look holding them in that skimpy little outfit.
    Roller coasters: I like going fast, and having the wind in my face. I don't scream though, it's not fun that way.
    Stuffed animals: They are soft and fluffy, alright?
    Fist fights: Nothing better than putting someone in their place.

    Being told I am wrong: Because I am not! I am right! And now I am not going to tell you something bad is probably going to happen to or around you tomorrow.
    Losing: I don't do losing, I simply do not accept losing.
    Spiders and creepy crawly long legged things: Yeah, I will strip my clothes off if one of those is on me and run outside and into the street screaming spider - all sense just falls out of my brain near those things.
    The fact I remember things I don't like: Yes remembering my fucked up life has been a lovely thing.

    Bullies: I don't like bullies, but I love coming in contact with them, you know, to beat them into oblivion - they are the only people I have no patience for.
    Getting my feelings hurt: I'll remember it, forever.
    Crying in public: I don't do the whole, crying thing. But on rare occasions that I do, I hate people seeing me cry.
    When I get anti-social: I myself can't even explain why I am like that.
    Vain people: Get over yourself, seriously, your mere presence annoys me.
    Weak minded people: The weak bother me, is that so hard to understand?
    That I have no friends: If you tell anyone, I'll kill you.
    Guns: I don't want to talk about it, next question!?

    Appearance: Illia is five foot two, with a slim if not twig like figure, vibrant long
    ruby red hair that hangs to her hips, sapphire eyes, and long doll like eyelashes. Her hair always has a braid on the top, which looks like a braided headband, and she has heart shaped buns on each side of her head. She is pale, but not unhealthy so. She wears punk like skimpy clothing is custom and by her
    own making, and always has on boots and lots of accessories.
    (Picture above not a good example of her figure but it's a roughy of her face mostly >_>)

    If you really want to know what my life was like, had have to have been me, because you wouldn't understand. It was hell all the same. I grew up with parents that treasured me, showered me with love, doted on me. They were so proud of me and everything I was able to accomplish. I was one of those spoiled children although I was not spoiled rotten. My parents had an obsession with my grades in school and all of my accomplishments. My household in general was your average household. We had more money than your average family but we weren't rich or wealthy. Upper middle class possibly. My mother was an editor for a magazine and my father was an anesthesiologist for our local hospital. I know what you must be thinking, that it sounds like I had it all going for me, nice parents, a roof over my head and gifts when I was good. You're missing something, I had a sister. I didn't mention her in the beginning, and if you want to know why was because the nature of our family. My parents were so obsessed with me that they paid very little attention to her. Only enough to keep her alive - most of the time. My sister was a quiet one, a gentle soul, very shy and reserved. One of those people pleasers who never wanted to get in the way of everyone, the wallflowers, those people who watch from the sidelines as life passes them by. It wouldn't have had to be like that if it wasn't for me.

    From time to time, I would catch her locked in her room, crying, cradling herself - talking to herself. Mimicking the situation of a parent telling their child how much they love them. Pretending to be hugged, pretending she was the only child. My sister loved me dearly but I knew she wished she were me. I had opened the door to her room one day and saw the tears in her eyes, she didn't see me and I didn't saw anything, but I ended up crying myself - which is something I never really did. Previous to that, I had spent a lot of time with her, I was patient to her needs, I tried to be both mommy and daddy, but anyone would know that would not be enough, children need their real mother and father. It started to occur more frequently, she would cry randomly, she would do things to get the attention of mom and dad. She would study till she passed out, eventually getting headaches from lack of sleep. I would see her walk around with bags under her eyes, she was losing weight from not eating, pale as a ghost. Eventually I became guilt ridden. I had a bad feeling and I didn't know what to make of it, I feared the worst - and it scared me.

    One night, while I was spending time with her, watching a movie she started talking to me about it. It was something she hadn't done and I hadn't done as to not mess with the fragility of the situation. I had even talked to my parents but they had scolded me. She came and sat next to me and lean against my shoulder. Illia, you know I love you right? I told her of course I did, and she smiled a genuine smile. I always wanted to be like you, but I realize I can't now. Her face translated into something that horrified me and almost made me nauseous. It was relief. I want you to be happy, for the both of us. I remember it too clearly, and it haunts my dreams. She took from her jacket the pistol that belonged to our father, and placed it against her temple smiling at me. Before I knew it she pulled the trigger - her blood splattering all over my face. She immediately fell on my lap, and I just stared at her. I watched the blood seep out of her head, and felt it run down my face. I remember the taste of it as it hit my lips, the smell of it, I remember the rain outside, how twisted her body was when she fell. But I mostly remember that horrible smile on her face. But I am not done.

    My sister didn't die that night. Did that surprise you? I bet it did. No, my sister is very much alive, she is a living, breathing vegetable. She's been in a coma for years now, she hasn't responded to any treatment but her body refuses to give out and die, and my parents will not take her off of life support. If that was not enough, I have tried to get in there...and kill my sister. Every time I try and take her off of life support however, I get caught. I never have a good feeling about it, but I do it anyways. Like I said, I never listen to my own advice. I don't know who to be mad at, but my sister told me to be happy for the both of us. So I stopped taking my parent's bullshit and started doing whatever the fuck I wanted to do. That's my goddamn life story alright?

    If you wanted to know about school well here is the gist about that as well. Ever since I was little I excelled in school, every grade I got awards, trophies, the highest marks. As a normal human being anyone who ever hated me and acted on it would get blackmailed - naturally. Careful dearies, I remember everything about you. I didn't really have too many friends growing up, I did have those people that you hang around, but people can't seem to stand me, or are completely afraid of me. I was always that person though, that people came to for advice, naturally, I could steer people in the right direction. What got me enemies was when I told people not to do something, and when I was right. Whatever my life isn't that interesting, just a little haunting.

    I get sick very easily, and for the most part am physically weak at times. There are times where I pass out and faint when I overdo things or for no reason at all. I get nauseous and get random fevers sometimes too. If something is going around, I will probably catch it first. If you poke me, I'll end up with a massive bruise. When I am anti social I usually end up with nausea and headaches, I don't understand it. I am about five foot one, I'm not short, I'm fun sized. I gravitate towards skimpy clothing, or things of that nature. Okay so sometimes, I abuse this vast amount of information locked in this brain of mine - so sue me. I usually don't take my own advice - how boring my life would be! I have an unhealthy obsession with pistachios and sunflower seeds.

    Note: Illia has a photographic memory and is extremely smart able to hold vast amounts of information - if anyone didn't get that. She is also very intuitive and has a good sense of judgement.


    Remi: They boy she has been in love with for many years, also someone she lives relatively close to.

    Sandrelline: Her 'girlfriend' of sorts.

    Faura: That younger sister figure, annoys her some. A lot, most of the time.

    Alice: Rival in all school things, possibly in life.

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